Ozone Bar Ritz Carlton – Hong Kong

We are still in the process of posting our Hong Kong trip.

Here is a snapshot of the Ozone Bar in the Ritz Carlton. It is one of the highest, if not the highest bar in the world.

Located on the top floor of International Commerce Center, at 108 story. The bar is literally on the roof.

Imagine a roof on a office building and they put glass around it. When we went during summer and on the window seats, they didn’t even use the AC. The bar uses air from outside at 108 story high.

It is a must visit when you are in Hong Kong. The trip is free, just minimum order for drinks which is equivalent of 2 cocktails in Sydney.


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We love Ramen and Ippudo is one of the most well known Ramen joints in Sydney.

We tried and we liked. Our shot below captured what we ordered.

Ippudo is known for the soft Pork Bun: check – we had high expectations and it met it to the inch.

Soft Shell Crab: check – OMG must try. It is awesome.

Ramen: It was ok. We like the ramen but not good enough for a regular visit. If we want ramen in the area, sure why not. Otherwise we will still go to our institution for Ramen goodness.




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Chatswood Food Court – The District

We tried the new food court above Chatswood station. The menu is a bit pricey for the food court as hardly any option less than $10. We don’t mind paying for food, check out our Pendolino review.

We tried some Tim Ho Wan, exactly like the Hong Kong version so that is good for those that want to try it out. Convenient for those on the north shore who can come here rather than the CBD for Ippudo.

It is just a struggle to find anything stand out there. Good to try but overall can give it a miss.

Upside is it is pretty clean for a food court so safe to take the whole family there for a quick meal with not much to worry about.

Chatswood Food Court

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Cho Dumpling King – Chinatown Must Eat!

Cho Dumpling King is one of our favorite Chinese quick eat in Chinatown.

Located in a nice enclave along with couple other mom and pop restaraunt. It has been here forever and we wish it will stay here forever.

They specialize in modern Taiwanese food and served in a set menu and a la carte side dishes of Chinese favorites.

Cho Dumpling King 2


Pork Mince Rice and Fried Pork Chop

The rice is a house specialty and must try. Pork chop freshly deep fried with just the right amount of salt and pepper.

Cho Dumpling King

Cho Dumpling King 4

We chose a sweet tofu side dish. There are nearly 10 option, each is a must try!.

Cho Dumpling King 3

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Pendolino is one of the well known Italian fine dining establishments in Sydney. Located in the Classic strand, it is a must visit for those that love good Italian food. Reservations is a must.

Apologies for the dark photos but it was not one of the places where flashes from camera is taken faveritably.

Appetizer starts with a selection of olive oil and fresh bread. It is a place where fresh bread means it is actually fresh. No olive garden bread sticks here.

pendolino table

Mojito – bartender hate to make it, we love to drink it.

pendolino drink

Seafood Spaghetti – prawn is fresh as it can be, great season and pasta.

pendolino pasta

Ragu with bacon on top. We love the presentation on this dish!

pendolino main




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Sakura Japanese Cuisine, North Sydney

We love Japanese Food and when we heard a great Japanese place on the edge of North Sydney, we had to try it out. Sakura is located on 225 Miller Street tucked away behind a couple trees facing the road. There were indoor and outdoor seating and we sat outside to enjoy the mid summer night.

Although our preference is traditional over fusion, Sakura leans towards a fusion of traditional Japanese with modern take. Once we sat down we saw that the menu is quite extensive with given seafood choices such as sushi, Sashimi and rolls but also alot of meat choices such as wagyu beef, pork, chicken and even duck items on the menu.

Note that we went for dinner which the menu items are much more pricer than lunch time prices. This is fine for us but those that want to try it out on the cheap and work in North Sydney then might as well walk down for lunch.

Quiet Friday Night



We started off with Agedashi Tofu which is a soft tofu with a deep fried skin. Usually the soy sauce counter balance with the taste of tofu. In this instance we tasted more vinigar in the sauce than we like. Upside is if your hungry, the serving size is plenty for 2 people.

agedashi tofu

Sushi and Sashimi Set

Sushi and Sashimi

It was well made, Salmon and Kingfish tasted great. Although we love sashimi from one of the great Japanese place in Crows Nest.

Samurai Roll

Samurai Roll

This really stood out for us at Sakura. Wagyu Beef with Prawns and Advocado filling. All ingredients are fresh and great execution in putting it together. The sauce is what really brings the dish together. Rolls at Sakura is not to be missed.

Next time we come here we will just order 2 rolls and we will be set.

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Burger Bro, Martin Place

There are two things we love in life, food and a deal. Burger Bro was always on our list of places to try and we were lucky enough to find a Groupon voucher for it. We are always in a mood for a burger and tried a number of places from Chur Burger which we loved to Batch Burger which we think is one of the best burgers in Sydney.

Burger Bro is located in the middle of Martin Place so naturally a place to meet after work for drinks with a burger. We had high expectations going in, and we came out with a mixed feelings.

The vibe of the bar was nice with various lighting settings around the places to fit in what your in the mood for, either bright dinner area or chilled bar lounge. There is a place for everyone.

Burger Bro

The most disappointing thing was the burger it self. We ordered Bro Burgers one with cheese and one without.

The buns did not taste toasted unlike the picture we saw, both burgers came without cheese (I know customised orders can be a pain, we got the cheese placed on afterwards). Most importantly, the patty tasted burnt.

The upside for the burgers is you can really taste the freshness of the ingredients and the fries are as good as they look.

Now I don’t know is it because we turned up on a Wednesday night where there was only 1 person working the kitchen but the burger was very underwhelming. If your in the area and want to see what the hype is all the hype is about feel free to drop by. The prices are cheaper than a normal dinner out s o there is not a lot to lose.

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Mama’s Buoi Crows Nest – Very meh!

Mama’s Buoi is a new Vietnamese restaurant that just opened in Crows Nest. We went as a group of 5 and came out very underwhelmed and hungry for more.

We ordered Pho, Roast Pork Belly and Crab Fried Rice. Mama’s Buoi presents it self as a authentic Vietnamese food however the actual food delivered was just typical westernized versions of traditional dishes we loved.

I have nothing against westernized Asian food (see our Papparich review in general however the ambiance, menu and table settings all pointed to signs of traditional family restaurant but looks can be deceiving!

No pictures for the review because simply, it is not worth it.

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Phuong Restaurant Crows Nest

Phuong Restaurant is located on the restaurant strip on Willoughby Rd in Crows Nest. On a cold winter night when we did not want to venture far from home we thought we’ll try it out.

The decor is non descript and low lighting.

Phuong Restaurant copy

Pho and Cha Gio – Vietnamese spring rolls consist of minced pork, crab meat, mushrooms and vegetables. We started with some spring rolls which was excellent. Did not care for the fish sauce though not really my thing.

It was crisp and freshly made to order which is always a good sign leading on to the mains.

Phuong Restaurant - Spring Rolls copy

We ordered Pho for no other reason than we are in a vietnamese place. It was good but a bit pricy at around $15.

We also asked no coriander on ours but as you can see below there is just a little more than none on ours. We did ask for a new one simply because it took awhile to get the first one.

Phuong Restaurant - Pho copy


Muc Don – Fried Calamari stuffed with pork mince, chinese mushrooms and water chestnut.

We ordered this because we never seen or hand anything like it. It is calamari stuffed with mince served with rice. The sauce is hoi sin sauce which complement the texture of the calamari. It was surprisingly good.

If you want to stray away from typical vietnamese dishes then we definitely recommend you try this out.

Phuong Restaurant - Muc Don copy


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